A Couple of Updates

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  1. I am currently in Long Beach attending CVPR 2019, where we are going to present our paper on fast neural architecture search for semantic segmentation – transferrable to other dense per-pixel tasks such as depth estimation and pose estimation. The paper is available here and the models have been released here. Notably, we used only 8 (!) GPU-days to find compact architectures that outperform DeepLab-v3+. If you are attending CVPR and interested in our work, please come over to our poster #18 on Thursday, June 20, 2019 from 10am until 12.45 (poster stand 3.1). In next few weeks, I will publish a more detailed overview of the paper.

  2. I am also excited to join the Skydio autonomy team as an intern! Thrilled and looking forward to eventful few months ahead!